Newfield Central School District
Pulse Check

This Pulse Check is available from September 25, 2023 to October 1, 2023

Welcome! NEWFIELD CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT is using a short, 1-minute survey conducted by Possip to get a pulse on your student's experience at this time. You can choose to mark your comments anonymous at the end of the Pulse Check.

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Celebrate the good with praise!

Recognize or encourage specific people. Share improvements you’ve noticed, or what you are loving about your current experience! Here’s an example,

“Our teachers are amazing. Special kudos to Ms. Taylor and Mr. Robinson. These teachers are doing amazing work and kids are so engaged!”

Share your feedback and needs.

Help schools get in front of problems by sharing your concerns about performance. Tell schools what you need in terms of resources and equipment. Ask for help or ask to be contacted. Here’s an example,

“My son hasn’t made any friends this semester. It would help if there were some virtual clubs.”

Ask questions!

If you need more communication on a certain topic or are looking for answers, this is the perfect place to ask a question! Share your name if you expect follow up, or pose a question anonymously if you just want the school to address it broadly. Here’s an example,

“Our internet hasn’t been working and we’re struggling to stay connected during classes. Can you help us?”

What happens with my feedback?

Possip’s team of reporters, all educators as well, deliver feedback reports to your school and district within 48 business hours of the Pulse Check. If you are expecting follow-up, be sure to share your name when asked at the end of the Pulse Check. Schools and districts share your praise with their teams, follow-up personally when needed, and summarize general trends in parent or staff newsletters.

How often do I get a Pulse Check?

These surveys happen routinely — that’s why we call it a Pulse Check. You may get your Pulse Check weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Why am I getting the same questions each Pulse Check?

A Pulse Check is about a snapshot in time — like taking your Pulse. Are you happy with your experience this week? Do you have new questions, ideas, and praise since the last Pulse Check? Has something good happened since you last shared? Answering the same questions routinely helps your school monitor if they are consistently meeting your expectations.

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